May 5, 2021

How to run an OKR Pilot: The guide to OKR success | E-book

This quick guide will help you with first hand experiences on how OKRs and Leadership coaching go hand in hand.

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While knowing OKRs comes easy, the doing part is where all the challenges lie. Successful OKR implementation needs planning, dedication & coordination to enure the right aspects are dealt with. Fitbots OR Pilot handbook gives you complete step by step guide into getting started with OKRs as pilot programs and then scaling up for your organization. Choose what works for your organization given your size, culture & business priorities.

In this handbook, we walk you through

1) Basics of OKRs
2) Role of Leadership & Sponsors
3) Picking your Pilot Teams
4) Crafting OKRs 5) Traps to Avoid 6) Taking it to the next level

Nothing gives more please than actioning your strategy into reality... Let's get started.