May 5, 2021

A Manager's Guide : Working Remotely and Achieving Goals

A treasure trove of tips and best practices to build a great goal culture, even as managers manage teams from a distance.

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While remote teams were not a remotely heard concept, the world went into a frenzy when almost all teams across the world went into remote working mode. now this was a remotely heard of or visualized possibility.

Managers were used to just waling over to teams, discussing critical unsigned aspects in meetings, and now, everything is remote. Should I focus on task completion or project timelines? was a common question all managers were facing. Enter OKRs into this highly disorganized system of working & bring some method to managing your goals with focusing on the right outcomes, priorities & efforts.

This handbook shows you how to manage remote teams by building the right culture of communication, collaboration & accountability while using strategy alignment frameworks.