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Team OKRs - Unleash the Power

”Individuals play the game, Teams Beat the Odds”
 Seal Team Saying


Elite Teams such as Navy seals or Sport teams are undoubtedly the highest performing teams on planet earth. Do you agree with us too? 

Now, if you break down what drives their performance, what makes  each of them tick and contribute above and beyond what is expected and what's possible it becomes very clear “together as a team, they work towards a Common Goal or a Common Outcome that they want to achieve” Although the strength & power of working together as a team is so obvious, companies often tend to sway away from this core element of establishing & norming performance and achievements when it comes to setting OKRs.

Having closely worked with hundreds of high performing teams, be it in startups or enterprises, the product experience team at Fitbots realized that there is lot more to creating an ecosystem of high performing team culture , than just setting team OKRs & managing them. And so…. We are more than to bring to you our newest Team OKRs feature.

Fitbots Team OKRs


So, what's new with Team OKRs?

An all new Simplified yet powerful OKR Panel

OKR Management made simple with all new features focused on

Simplified Target Tracking: With our super simplifies target tracking, gain more transparency & clearer focus towards outcome & progress

Team private KRs: Want to drive stealth mode strategic projects which need heightened privacy? Never Mind! Our Team Private KRs help you manage it with ease.

Looping contributors: Now, leave behind no contributor when it comes to appreciating or commending different team members for their contribution towards KR progress.

Filters & Options: Doesn’t matter if you are running check-in meetings by individual or by KRs you can now do it all in a single view. Saves you all the hassles of switching between tabs.

Team focused CFRs ( Conversations, feedback & recognitions )

Be it a sports team or a team within your company, constant reflections and feedback on how to win as a team and achieve the impossible against all odds requires powerful conversations & reflections. Most importantly, conversations need to be done in context to the outcomes you want to achieve together as a team. This is exactly what our new & interactive CFR feature aims at enabling. 

“Powerful, Outcome Focused Conversations & Reflections”

Fitbots users give targeted feedback, cheer, appreciate, celebrate wins or even share a private feedback note to reflect & improve all in one place. And guess what, it helps you make your check-in meetings more progress focused. Now don’t lose sight of any key achievements, initiatives & setbacks just because you were busy switching screens.

What’s more in store?

The Customer & Product excellence team at Fitbots is constantly rethinking & reimagining how OKRs can help you reach your strategic goals without much ado. Based on our in-depth user research & feedback , very soon we are bringing an all new Check-Ins feature in our V3. Why Check-Ins? Because Check-ins are the heartbeat of OKRs, healthier the heart is, better the heart beat & greater the performance. Agree?

See you soon with our newest features… So stay tuned & check out all our best in class OKR features here.